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HorseFinder is a new app designed to help horsepeople find horses they are looking for, or find more information and history about the horses they have just purchased or adopted!  You can enter your horse's pictures and as many details as you'd like, but you can also create a listing with only basic details if that's all you have.  You can also search for horses that have been entered into the database.  Sign up with your gmail account and that will also provide a means to contact you.  Unlike a Facebook post, your information will never become hard to find or less visible. There are NO algorithms here - every listing is just as valuable and just as likely to be found!  The goal of HorseFinder is to help people find the horses they want to keep safe, which will prevent those horses from needing a spot at a rescue and help rescues survive in these tough times.  It will also help people who have purchased or adopted a horse they know nothing about obtain history that will help them with training and keeping their horse's health at its very best.

The first 2500 entries in HorseFinder will be completely free of charge. Please bear in mind that we are in our BETA TESTING phase and we do expect some glitches as we perfect this new app!  You can report any problems to us at  

Check out HorseFinder now!

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