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$500.00 donation


We would like to thank our sponsors who have committed to making monthly donations to help Polo Pony Rescue continue to help horses in need!  If you can join them, please click above to sign up.

A huge thank you to Mickey Brittan who has become our most fervent supporter! He has been matching all donations to our horses by 100% in 2020 and it will continue for part of 2021!  Mickey owns Fair Hills Farms  in Topanga, California.  


Irene Jansen - FULL SPONSOR of Andy, sponsors supplements for all CA horses and much more!

Cheri Baker Marshall - FULL SPONSOR (Foster) of China

Dori Kruglick - FULL SPONSOR of Redhead

Lara Simmons - FULL SPONSOR of Gypsy

Dawn Rose - FULL SPONSOR of Penny

Dave Schubarth - FULL SPONSOR of Scrat 

Tamara Patterson - FULL SPONSOR (Foster) of Brandy

Kalisa Jenne-Fraser - Part Sponsor of Santana

Caroline Emmonds - Part Sponsor of Santana

Elizabeth Marquardt - Part Sponsor of Sinatra

Mara Avery
Judith Bell

Azjhuree Brown

Georgianna Brown

Laura Brown

Emma Hickox Burford

Emily Conforti
Kimberly Garsed

Ginger Graves
Jennifer Kunz

Angela Laperriere

Linda Lee

Rachel Lee

Tristan Lloyd

Janna Loeffler

Laura Maloney

Nicole Marr

Ilona Rice

Bonnie Robb

Kyra Taylor

Jelena Woehr

Gillian Young






















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