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The horses below are those in rehabilitation or training. They will not be offered for adoption until we feel they are ready; however, you may apply now if you'd like to be first in line (click on How to Adopt, above, for more information).


Martona is a 14 year old Argentine TB mare, shown here enjoying a massage!  (For horses, yawning is a sign of released tension).  We put a few rides on her but realized her back was sore so we've made some changes and we're working to see if we can get her to a place where she may be adoptable in the future. 

Daphne is a thirteen year old Thoroughbred mare who had never been handled at all!  She is a long term project here but will eventually be available to the right home (i.e. someone who has finished the training on other unhandled horses).  Her JC name is Gracie's Echo.  


Charlotte came in with Daphne out of the same situation, except she had been handled as a baby. We were able to get her riding, but she remained inconsistent and explosive.  We hope to be able to return her to training at some point in the future when finances allow!


Pie is an approximately 10 year old mare, breed unknown, who came to us in February 2021 with some injuries from a stable accident.  She was in training with Seth and Angi Murray and she wears a bareback pad, ponies, and is beginning to bear some weight on her back.  We have had to put her training on hold due to lack of funding but hope to get her training finished and make her available in the future.   E-mail us!

Heavenly Arch "Heaven" is a 6 year old Thoroughbred mare. We are working on raising the money for a knee surgery that she needs in order to move forward with her second career. 

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