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You may click on the link above and fill out the application in your browser, or right-button-click and “save link as” to save it to your computer and open up directly in Adobe Reader/Acrobat.  It is a little easier to see the fields in Adobe Reader or Acrobat than in your browser.


Please bear in mind that, if filled out in your browser, the content will not save.  You will need to print it out when finished or all of your work will be lost.  If you fill it out after you save it to your hard drive and open it in Acrobat or Reader, you will be able to save what you  write — ideal if you want to partially fill out the application and then “fill in some blanks” later.


Of course, you may fill it out the old fashioned way – by printing it off and hand writing your answers!


Filling out an application costs nothing and does not obligate you to anything. You are welcome to do your application and site visit and become pre-approved in advance if you think you may want to adopt one of our horses in the future.   Once you are approved, you are FIRST in line and won’t miss out on the horse of your dreams because someone else beat you to it.  Adoption fees on our horses are shown on the adoptable horse page.  Every horse is adopted out up to date on teeth, feet, basic shots, and deworming.


Applications should be submitted with a photocopy of your driver’s license or state issued picture ID via e-mail to  Why do we need ID?  Unfortunately, some individuals who have been banned by their local courts from owning animals due to neglect have been known to apply to adopt animals using fake identities.  So we do check and verify ID, and we criminal check.  








Our Adoption Contract is here for your reference, so that you can see what you would be agreeing to if you adopt a PPR horse. Please review at your convenience before making the decision to adopt. If you are approved for adoption, we’ll be filling this out together!


A few words about adoptions


If you are looking for a young, sound and beginner friendly trail horse, it is a safe bet we don't have one.  These horses rarely fall into rescue and usually must be purchased for a sum many times that of one of our adoption fees.  Everyone wants that, and sellers know it!


The same goes for a horse that can still play polo.  Our horses are retired for one reason or another and most may not return to polo per our agreements with their former owners. We are happy to refer you to sellers of quality polo ponies.


We often have great horses for jobs like:


- Beginner w-t-c lesson or pleasure horse, majority of riding in the arena, showing at the open/4-H level

- Crossrails hunter or intro/training level dressage horse

- Pony horse that you can drag your silly baby horses around on

- Trail horse for areas like Griffith Park, Hansen Dam, where there are no extreme hills or rugged terrain - places with trails that are manicured and kept up

- Kid friendly horse to live at home, keep your young horse calm, and to use to teach your kids about riding, grooming, and working with a horse

- Spunky older horse to be a confident rider's best friend - trails, shows, etc.


We do a basic vet exam on horses when they come in. You are welcome to do as extensive of a vet exam as you want, at your expense, before making the choice to adopt.


We are happy to adopt out to lesson barns if some turnout is provided. We do not under any circumstances adopt out to trail strings or dude ranches.


We do not adopt out to beginner or novice riders, or riders who have not ridden regularly in many years, unless they are with a trainer in a regular lesson program. Trainer's reference will be required. 


A few words about returns 


We have been in rescue a long time and know that a lot of rescue animals don’t get returned to the rescue because the adopter does not want to get yelled at, argued with, or otherwise.  That will never happen here.  If your adopted horse does not work out, we welcome them back with open arms.  We do expect that they will be returned in the condition you adopted them in, if not better, but we have an open door policy.  Please understand that we have invested a lot of time and money into our rescues and need to ensure that they are safe for life.  We have the resources to thoroughly background and criminal check any potential new home – do you?  Please help us keep our horses safe forever by returning them per our contract if your life changes and you can no longer care for them.

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